Albany, New York

CD was found as a kitten, having just been hit by a car. He was taken to the Shaker Veterinary Hospital (as part of their save-a-pet program), fixed up, and would have been placed in a home, but he got on great with Stanley. Now CD works there full time along with Stanley and Jesse. CD's favorite place in the office is the manager's chair. She'll get up to do something elsewhere in the clinic and when she gets back, CD is always in her chair. (I'm sure he's just keeping it warm for her!) When she left at night, she used to put plastic over her chair so he wouldn't get black hair all over her chair, but CD just ended up crawling underneath the plastic and sleeping there. She got worried about that being dangerous, so she put holes in the plastic. Finally, she just took it off altogether. When he's not on the office chair, CD likes to sleep in the pile of cats on the office couch, or follow Stanley around when he steals food from the animals in cages and reap the rewards. He is very well-mannered and loves to be petted.

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