Albany, New York

Stanley works at the Shaker Veterinary Hospital in Albany, New York along with his friends CD and Jesse. He was born around 1982 or '83. He was brought to the clinic by a woman who had seen him chased under a car and cornered by a dog. His spine was broken. The clinic fixed him up (as part of their save-a-pet program) and was going to find a good home for him, but they fell in love with him instead. Now Stanley has the run of the office and likes to spend his time either in a pile on the couch with the other two cats (and various dogs, if they are there), or sneaking up on the cats and dogs in cages and stealing food out of their bowls. Stanley used to be Mr. Toughguy, tormenting all the dogs who came into the clinic, but now he has mellowed. He likes to be petted and purrs easily.

Note: I have just been informed that Stanley has passed on. I got this news October, 2002. He will be dearly missed by all who knew and cuddled him.

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