Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Peekaboo (who was named after his favorite game), lives at Automagix in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I've worked for him for two years He's four; he was a shelter two-year-old when he adopted me. Peekaboo and I are e-business strategic planners. When he's tired of working, Peekaboo (a.k.a. Peekamania) does one of two things: he stands on our keyboard facing the screen to fill the screen with a complete jumble of characters and then rakes his front paws down the monitor screen; or he sits on the keyboard facing me and puts his front paws on my hands until I stop typing. He loves napping on a warm printer. There are at least a few cat hairs stuck to most of my print communications. Peek is a (faintly) tri-color male: mostly gray, with white and adobe trim. Supposedly these are worth Big Bucks, but (a) he's not for sale at any price; and (b) as a former male, he most likely wouldn't be a great stud cat!" story and picture sent in by Marcia Blake of Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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