Chesi Vachon
South Tamworth, New Hampshire

"Chesi retired to Diversity from the wilds of Seattle, Washington. She now enjoys warming her old bones on the monitor where she has a bird's eye view of her work. She assists Kate, the Editor in Chief, in editing articles, photos and interviews. She has a sharp eye for detail and a strong opinion on how things should be. If something isn't to her liking she will turn her back on Kate and drape her tail down the middle of the screen. If Kate decides to ignore her opinion, Chesi rewards her with a good swat. Chesi listens intently to the start of all interviews; if she feels all is well she'll take a nap. If something isn't to her liking she will take a stroll across the desk, sometimes shutting off the tape recorder if she thinks the interview isn't worth it, or stepping on the phone keys if the interview needs livening up. At the age of 13 her opinion is respected and we hope to have her around for awhile." Photos and story sent in by Noelle Emerson of South Tamworth, New Hampshire.

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