Ms. Lila
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ms. Lila has worked at Word Publishing since 1999. She joined the company when she was 6 1/2 years old. Now she works with her friend Miss Madison. "We call them the Gossip Cats as they write a local gossip column and have their picture published with the column every month in one of our publications. They both get e-mails, and phone calls of local gossip to be whispered in the kitties' ear. Our Ms. Lila is like a dog. Not only is she bigger than most small dogs, weighing in at 19 pounds, but she comes when called, gets in her own office chair on command, shakes paws, does high-fives, and begs for turkey at every meal with her incisive meowing. Speaking of meowing, Ms. Lila didn't know how to meow when we got her as she had come from an abusive situation where we believe she had been beaten. It took us a long time of meowing at her
and then giving her treats to teach her. Her size is also as a result of her previous owners. People who knew them tell us that her previous owners didn't buy cat food and would just feed her whatever was in the house. As a result she would eat anything she could get her paws on.

Note: Miss Lila passed away quietly of natural causes in her sleep on Christmas Morning, 2003. She is missed by many friends and mostly by Miss Madison.


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