Issaquah, Washington

Cindy works at Earth Pet in Issaquah, Washington. She was rescued from a Humane Society at 6 weeks old. That would have been in 1989. When Earth Pet opened in Issaquah, one of the employees just brought her to work one day. Cindy is there every day now. She loves her job. She greets people, rides on their shoulders, entertains customers, and tests the sparkle balls at night when the store is closed. She is very friendly. She will purr for you if you pet her and she will give you kisses. Also, if you rub the side of her mouth, she will act like she is suckling again.

Note: In January of 2004, a fire destroyed Earth Pet in Issaquah. Cindy's body was never found, but neither was there word of her being seen in the neighborhood. Her whereabouts is a mystery. We all hope she will come home one day, though.

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