Seattle, Washington

Nesbit lives at Twice Sold Tales in Seattle with Buster, Honey, Marco, and Vivace. Nesbit was born around 1993, and came to the store as a kitten. He plays dumb, but is really quite smart. Sometimes he'll sit by the water faucet and look from a person to the faucet, back and forth, until they catch on. They turn the faucet on and he takes a drink. He'll sit there and do this for an hour or two at a time. Another example is when Nesbit helped out a fellow feline. He walked over and sat by the counter, where he never sits unless he wants something. But he had just been fed, so the employee couldn't figure out what he needed. Finally, Nesbit led him back to the office and sat in front of the door. The employee opened the office door, and out popped one of the other kitties, who had been accidentally locked in a few minutes earlier.

Note: Nesbit passed away around Thanksgiving of 2004 from kidney problems. He was loved by many people (including me) and will be sorely missed.

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