Seattle, Washington

Chubbs was found at the pound when he was 3 years old. He was too big for the normal cat cages, so they had to put him in with the dogs. That was in 1994, and since then, he and Pascha have been running the Ballard Time Shop. He is a good manager, too. He keeps an eye on the birds and mice that run around outside the window. One day the owner called him in from outside. He got up and the bird he had been lying on chirped and flew away. I bet he taught THAT bird a lesson! Chubbs has also been known to sample a beer or two, but never on duty!

Note: Chubs died early in the morning on October 5, 2000. He had an incurable disease. He was sent to the Happy Hunting grounds with his whole loving family with him in his favorite spot in the window with the sun warming his tired bones.

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