Sydney, Australia

Freda is the eldest cat at the Balmoral Bed & Breakfast in Sydney, Australia. She was born in 1987. She shares her home with Marge and Flo, neither of which she cares for. She is a very nosy cat, and has to sniff around all the new suitcases that come in the house. She is also a great huntress. There's no need to worry about any mice or bugs in this house! Most of all, though, Freda is a lovey cat, and expects admiration from everyone. She sits on guests' laps and sheds, she'll visit you in your room, and she'll sit on the fence outside so everyone coming down the road will stop and pet her. (Usually they do too!)

Note: Freda died about a month after I met her, in May of 2001. I am glad I had a chance to meet her. She will be missed my many.


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