Miss Kitty
San Francisco, California

The Black Cat Quilt Shop in San Francisco, California has had Miss Kitty as their manager since they opened in November of 1996. Miss Kitty was 6 1/2 years old at the time. She was a gift from the owner's mother. Miss Kitty loves attention from all the customers. She will try to get people to pet her through window when the store is closed. In the mornings she sits in the window & paces till the owner arrives. Her snack times are at 10 and 4, and the customers may feed her. She also has her own fan club... many people come to the shop just to see her. She can "smell" cameras and loves to pose. Miss Kitty's favorite things to do in the shop are to nap on quilts or fabric (her favorite color is red), sleep under the cutting table in a cardboard box, or to get all the attention she can from the customers. When there are classes in the shop she walks down the center of the table checking out everyone's fabric and making sure everyone is doing it right.

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