San Francisco, California

Specter works at Polk*A*Dot Stationers in San Francisco, California. Here is what Joanna, a store employee, says about Specter: "Michelle Callarman is the proprietor and the woman who brought Specter to the store. For several months Michelle and her boyfriend Charlie had been feeding a group of ferals living in an Oakland lumberyard. They noticed one in particular was friendly and would butt her head through the chainlink fence to be petted, that was Specter. Michelle thought Specter would  make a great rescue kitty and already having one at home she decided to make Specter a shop cat.  She has been living in the store for about 4 months now. Besides being a gorgeous and incredibly soft cat, she is very easygoing and patient with all kinds of people.  She enjoys dried shaved tuna for snacks (this is S.F., afterall...). She loves to chase her tail and play hide and seek (when the store is empty).  Our customers fawn over her beauty and our  workday is that much better because of Specter! The vet thinks she is between 5-7 years old.  There have been many guesses about what kind of breed: Maincoon, Norwegian Forest cat , etc..." Story and pictures submitted by Joanna Rapp of San Francisco, California. (Note, 4 months as of April, 2006)

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