Miss Moppet
Pasadena, California

"Miss Moppet is the Sole Cat Proprietor of Rose Tree Cottage, an English shop and tea room in Pasadena, California. She is the official greeter, taking her job very seriously. When our first shop cat, Mrs. Ribby disappeared, a tiny calico kitten was left in a gift bag with a note that said 'We hope she'll make you happy again'. That was nearly 11 years ago, and Miss Moppet has made thousands of friends since. She is quite adept at judging just how big a child should be before they are gentle with cats and makes sure she runs faster than a 2-year-old can move! On Sundays, she shops at the health food market next door, but her favourite food is Devonshire Cream from a tea patron's saucer. As a career girl, Miss Moppet feels she is superior to our three home cats and does not like to go home with us for a visit. She prefers her quiet evenings to herself after a busy day of entertaining the patrons." Story and picture sent in by Mary Fry of Pasadena, California.


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