Portland, Oregon

Bob works at Pawsitively Clean, a self-serve pet wash in Portland, Oregon. He was born in July of 2001 and came to the store as a 5 month old. He was picked up from the Humane Society as a "returned cat". The previous owners said he had a bladder infection, but he didn't. Bob has been the perfect shopcat. He rolls in the window to bring in customers, he watches the dogs carefully, and is never aggressive. He reads dogs well. He can sense when they are not friendly to kitties and will sit out of reach on top of the dryer when they come in. Otherwise he plays with them. Once, a Chow didn't want a bath, and Bob guided him over to the tub and the Chow followed him in. Bob stayed with him the whole time and even touched the dog's nose with his nose to let him know everything would be okay. Another time, one of the gerbils in the store got loose. Bob meowed to let the owner know, and she came to see what happened. He had the gerbil in his mouth, and she could see it was still alive. She put her hand under his mouth and said, "Bob, give." He did. The gerbil wasn't hurt at all. Bob's official title is Vice President in charge of Marketing. He enjoys dogs, people, and baths.

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