Portland, Oregon

Ralph not only works at Fairly Honest Bill's in Portland, Oregon, she's legally half owner! Ralph has been at the store since 1995 when she was about a year old. When she was recovering from being neutered, the owner stayed home with her for 3 days to take care of her, and she bonded with him. Now she will come when he calls and loves the sound of his voice. Ralph used to live at home but decided she liked the store better. The owner would take her home from the store at night, 15 blocks away, and let her out at night for her evening prowl. Sometimes she didn't return, so he had to go look for her. He always found her back at the store. After this happened several times, he gave in and let her live there. Ralph loves mice and considers them her buddies. One time someone saw her with 6 baby mice cuddled up in her tum, looking for all the world like they were nursing. Another funny story is that the owner fed her with an auto-feeder until someone came in and commented on how fat she was getting because of the feeder. Ralph never ate out of that feeder again. Ralph will soon be sharing the store with Oreo, a black and white cat that she can't stand. I'm sure she'll let him know who the boss is though.

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