Hudsonville, Michigan

"Shopcat is the manager at Motorwerks, Inc. in Hudsonville, Michigan. It's an import car lot that sells BMWs, Porsches, Land Rover, Audi, VWs, etc., anything foreign. She was a stray...a friend of mine found her in a really bad neighborhood, about six months ago, but she was already spayed and fully declawed. I'd say she's a couple years old. Shopkat is fat and lazy and meows at us all the time. My husband jokes that he knows why she was a stray with all that meowing! She loves to sit in laps and to be scratched. (She had all four paws declawed when we found her so she can't scratch herself properly.) She doesn't go outside much at all, just a few steps then she's back in. Shopkat's favorite sleeping place is on top of my husband's 1971 Porsche 911S Targa." Story & pictures sent in by Kimberlee Van Heulen of Hudsonville, Michigan


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