Plainwell, Michigan

Stanley was found in 1993 by Bluegrass Animal Clinic in Plainwell, Michigan. A distraught woman had called them to get the screaming feral cat out of her chimney. Taken to the clinic, he made a beeline for the attic steps and didn't come down for ages. They knew he was still there because the food kept disappearing. Now he has accepted the staff and the clinic as his home and is quite comfortable there. "Stanley doesn't participate in a lot of physical activity. He would rather settle himself in a Buddha like feline Lotus position at the front counter and silently entertain with one of his several fortes. Fortes such as modeling hats (custom made or purchased for his specific size), telepathically empathizing with client or patients bearing heavy loads, or just creating a serene ambiance with a contagious intolerance for high strung hyper kinetic activity! In other words, he had not a care in the world." Stanley's pictures and story were sent in by the staff at Bluegrass Animal Clinic. There is actually a much longer and detailed story about Stanley which is worth reading. Please go here if you would like to read it.


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