Ganges, Salt Spring Island, Canada

Foxy has been working at Foxglove Nursery since 1987. She is a Manx cat with a "stumpy" tail. When she had kittens shortly after she arrived, 3 had long tails, 3 had short ones, like her (all had homes before they were even born!). She loves boxes and pots of all kinds. One day she spent almost an hour trying to fit herself in a tiny pot. She's very friendly and likes little kids, but she attacks dogs who come in her store. She loves to be petted and will drool for you in an unladylike manner when she's really happy. Another favorite activity is chasing baby chicks around in the springtime. Other times she hangs out at the cash register where she can ring in her own prices, smell the flowers, get pets from the customers, and maybe a bite from someone's sandwich.

Note: Approximatley June of 2002, Foxy died of old age. She will be missed by many.

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