Kingman, Arizona

"Fetchit lives with Cheezit and Midget at Wood Gems in Kingman, Arizona. He was born in 1999. They all were 'rescued' from animal shelters, SPCA's etc and they weren't all that easy to find. For instance, Fetchit is called that because we found him while on vacation in the San Francisco Bay area but couldn't bring him home for another 5 days due to their policies. We came home and 3 days later called back to see if he was still there. He was and we made arrangements for them to hold him until we could get there. We left at 4 AM, picked him up at 2 PM, spend the night part way back here and got home the next day in the PM. In other words, we traveled 1,200 miles just to get this guy and he's been worth every mile of it." Story and pictures sent in by Stew and Peggie Evans of Kingman, Arizona.

Note: Fetchit went to the Happy Huntiing Grounds on the 28th of April, 2004. He was quite a love, and will be missed by many.


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