Hay-on-Wye, Wales

Eddie came to the Hay Cinema Bookshop in the spring of 1998. He was already a grown kitty, so no one knows for sure how old he is. He is quite happy now at the book store. His favorite places to sit are on top of the books, on the demagnetizer, or the highest shelf in the store, known as his "penthouse suite." He loves attention and loves to be petted. He has a big purr and if you're lucky, he might even ride around on your shoulders. The cinema bookshop is a large, old building, and you'd think Eddie would have a great time catching all the mice running around, but no. Eddie is afraid of the mice. He also doesn't care too much for smaller cats. Sometimes they'll come up outside the shop and eat out of his food bowl, but Eddie won't do anything about it. It's okay though. Everyone loves Eddie anyway.

Note: Eddie was hit by a car on the night of Sept 13, 1999. He will be greatly missed. Here's hoping he never has to be afraid again.

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