New York City, New York

Matilda shares a rich history with many other kitties. Since the late 1930s, there has always been a shopcat at the Algonquin Hotel. Each cat has been "stage-named" Hamlet, but they all have personal names as well. All the other cats who lived at the Algonquin have been mutts, picked up from local shelters. Matilda is the first purebred cat the Algonquin has ever had (she is a Ragdoll). She has been at the Algonquin since 1997 when she was 2 years old. They have birthday parties for her every July 10. At her July 10, 2000 party, they raised $5000 for cat charities. Many cats were invited, but she didn't like any of them. She is very soft but doesn't like to be picked up. Her favorite hobbies are monitoring the desk, sniffing luggage, getting chin rubs, and bathing herself frequently.

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