Seattle, Washington

Marco was born in October of 1999. He came to Twice Sold Tales in Seattle, Washington as a kitten. He and his littermate Vivace were very sick as kittens, so instead of being adopted out they had to spend a whole month in a cage at the vet's. Once they were better, they came back to the store and zoomed around and around. Now Marco spends his days making trouble... at the end of January, 2000, Marco got stuck in the ceiling. He was wailing for help, but no one could get high enough to get him out. Finally a customer got up on a tall ladder and reached in as far as he could and got Marco out. It hasn't phased him a bit. He still makes trouble (he IS still a kitten!). While we were there taking pictures, Marco attacked a customers hat and fought a bitter battle with it. Luckily, Marco won. Marco shares the store with Nesbit, Buster, Honey, and Vivace.

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