Dot Com
Selma, Alabama

"DOT_COM, or DOT for short, is the COMedy in . She was born in late 2003 and was just a tiny kitty when she wandered into the Grand Opening of Selma's first Internet Coffeehouse back on January 2nd 2004. She's been with us as official Shop Kitty ever since. DOT's momma kitty lives right next door, but DOT was an independent girl early on and we haven't seen much of momma since DOT made our backyard her territory. DOT's not that big, but she is agile, in fact she can fly - straight up with a midair summersault and land on her feet (usually). Shop owner, Micky Summerlin Annis and all our visitors really enjoy the new tricks DOT shows off daily. DOT has her own chair in our computer lab and loves to help us design web pages and play games on the PC. But when she decides its 'DOT time' she will let you know by flopping down in front of your keyboard or dragging in her favorite toy for you to play with. This kitty is also fascinated by water. Any standing water be it dishwater, bathtub or a puddle outside brings out the explorer in her and she doesn't mind getting her paws wet in the process." Story and pictures sent in by Mike Mashburn of Selma, Alabama.

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