San Francisco, California

Ibid works at Solar Light book store in San Francisco. He is a shopcat-in-training. He was born in July of 2001 and came to the store a few months later. He shares his duties with Morgana. Ibid is the greeter of the store. He likes to stay up front and make sure everyone sees him and pets him. His favorite activities include leaping from shelf to shelf, stalking large dogs, and attack-grooming his foster mother (Ibid runs up and jumps on her, they wrestle a bit, and then they begin to groom each other). Ibid is still young and has done some interesting kitten-like things: he climbed up the front of the speakers and they fell over on him, he wants to play with small dogs and doesn't understand it when they don't respond to him, and he played with a candle once and got wax on his paws. But he is a very friendly kitty and is learning more about shopcat duties every day.

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