Seattle, Washington

Petey works at the law offices of Satterberg & Healy in Seattle, Washington. He was born in the summer of 1998 and came to the office as a kitten. Petey likes to have fun. His favorite toy is a teeny beanie baby, which he tears to pieces. If you throw the toy down the hall he will run all the way and bring it back to you so you can throw it again. Another thing he likes to do is hide behind a plant by the side door and ambush the first people to come in the morning. Petey is very intelligent about catching bugs. He'll watch them for awhile then climb to the highest point in the room and wait for them to come to him. When they get close he puts his paw on the bug and scoops it into his mouth. Num! Another of Petey's skills is escaping from the closet, which has a folding door. He will get inside and poke the center of the door with his nose and paws until it folds. Then he can squeeze out the side. The working life does get tiring though, and sometimes Petey can be found just gazing out his favorite window for a long time.

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