My cats Abby, Lucy, and Baby Grey

I have a calico cat named Lucy who was born in August of 1993. (She was found as a kitten on a farm being chased by cows!) She is my outgoing kitty who flops herself down in front of anyone who walks through the front door, showing them her tummy. She goes outside sometimes, but only on a leash and harness. It didn't take long to train her to the leash. She wants to go outside so badly she'll do whatever it takes to get her there.

My grey and black tabby is named Abby. She was born sometime around 1991. I got her from a critical care hospital where she was a shopcat (appropriate, huh?). My previous cat, Buddy, had just died and I mentioned I wanted a new one. They said they had one they could give me. She is very ladylike and shy, hiding from people until she thinks it's safe to come out. But late at night, the ladylike facade comes down and she tears through the house, making as much noise as possible. Sadly, Abby passed away in September of 2008.

My last kitty, Baby Grey was born in 1997. She belonged to my next door neighbor until June of 1999 when they moved and couldn't take her with them. They knew I loved her and asked me if I wanted her. I took her in and the household has been shaken up ever since! Lucy tolerates her, but Abby doesn't like her. It is getting better and they can sleep on the same bed now, but every once in awhile Abby will charge at Baby Grey just to remind her of her link in the kitty chain-of-command.

Here are some of their pictures.




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