Lexington, Kentucky

"Miss Meridian, a.k.a the Divine Miss M, works for Meridian Communications, a full-service ad agency in downtown Lexington, Ky. Meridian's owner is president of the local Humane Society, where Miss M was staying before entering the exciting world of advertising almost 11 years ago. Miss M and her 10-year-old co-cat, Pumpkin (also an ex Humane Society resident), are always sure to attend creative meetings, give their two cents worth during conference calls, greet clients (they are especially fond of those who profess NOT to like kitties), and hang out in staff members' IN boxes. These female kitties have split the 33,000 square foot agency into 2 territories, each overseeing the duties of their respective employees. Miss M is 14 and Pumpkin is 11." Story and pictures sent in by Aimee Hiller of Lexington, Kentucky.


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