Avon, Massachusetts

"Hello, My name is Fuzzy and I am a female, and I am (so I have been told) 5 years old. I was found as a stray in February of 2000 in Massachusetts and was lucky enough to be relocated to an office/warehouse in Avon, Mass. Since my actual birthday is just a guess and I was brought to my new home on February 14th my unofficial birthday is Valentine's Day which is very appropriate since I am very much loved by the 25 employees of Andrew Dutton Company in Avon, Mass. My duties include 'lap robe' on a cold morning, or lunch companion on a warm sunny day. I am allowed to go out, but only when I have a two-legged companion to sit in the sun with me. I have full run of the building 24/7 and when I first arrived I did my part to rid the warehouse of unwanted four-legged guests (that accomplished, I now spend my time mostly as a stress management tool... petting me always seems to calm one down). The first girl in mornings (she is the one who rescued me as a matter of fact) is my main meal source, etc., but if she is on vacation or late I just have to let someone know and breakfast magically appears. Things certainly could have been a lot worse for me if left outside in zero degree weather with snow, and I know how very lucky I am!" Story and picture sent in by Kathy Connelly of Avon, Mass.


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