Berkeley, California

"This little girl adopted us 2 summers ago (1999), arriving at the back door of our bookstore as a 7 month old feral kitty and let out an almost inaudible "squeak." At that request, we took her in, fed her, cleaned her up, and she has taken care of us ever since. Her other duties here at Builders Booksource in Berkeley include: walking on the countertops; running away from small children; emitting great quantities of fur, especially on light-colored clothing; making corrections on the computer as she walks across the keyboard; dog watcher; defender of the store; blood pressure and heart rate monitor; making sure all of the fake mice are dead; and making sure there is always purr-music in the store. While she is a major love bug, she doesn't particularly like to be held unless you do it in a very very particular way. Ms. Squeak sure does run the place!" Story and picture sent in by Amy Wynn of Berkeley, California


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